A promising partner of all major landholdings in Pune; we specialise in analysing and shortlisting lands of 5,000 sq.ft to 5,00,000 sq.ft of Industrial as well as MIDC lands in all strategic locations.


We closely match our clients’ needs with experience for Industrial Development, Warehouse choices, project lease options, Built-to-Suit spaces and design the projects accordingly.

Project Design & Detailed
Engineering Services

From design to complete development we extend our excelling services to any given project by enlarging the concept into a detailed model and assisting the client on various technical frontier.


It is an ideal choice for companies who are planning to set up manufacturing units. We customise the industrial space into the setup with a well-designed structure and then lease it from the developer.


Construction management is our core expertise wherein we ensure to construct great buildings as per projects’ needs and fully realizable designs.

Industrial Park

Our industrial parks are well-equipped with complete industrial infrastructure. It is an unconventional approach offering all major functionalities in a themed network to improve productivity.

Project Approvals

We obtain all industrial as well as turnkey project approvals with the help of a qualified team of experts that are specifically advanced in dealing with various government agencies.

Post-Handover Services

Ensuring an efficient service even after complete handover of the projects and construction services. We excel at post hand-over services that aid their smooth functioning and efficiency.


The rise of E-commerce and requirement of deliveries has turned warehousing services as the highly valued business options in Pune. Global Group provides effective and proximal warehouse leasing services.